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Freshman humanities class takes a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Jenna Scerbo, Contributing Writer

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On Friday, May 5, the freshman humanities class went on a field trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as The Met.

According to the M-W website, humanities gives students “an opportunity for interdisciplinary study through the integration of Social Studies and English courses.”

Going to The Met was a great opportunity for students taking global history to go on.  The Met has a collection of more than two million pieces of art spanning five thousand years of world culture. Exploring the museum gave students a more realistic view of what they have been learning in class.

On the day of the trip, students boarded their buses and embarked on their trip around 7:30 am.

After getting adjusted to a new learning atmosphere, students took in all of the art and history that was around them. Because it was still a school event, students were told to take pictures of the art while traveling through the exhibits. Some of these items included ancient writing, gold, and Renaissance sculptures.

Due to time constraints, students only had two hours to tour the museum.

“I wish we had more time to explore the museum,” said Meghan Buckley who is a current member of the humanities program.

Ms. Bleakley, freshman global history teacher, and Ms. Caruso, who is the freshman English teacher, make up the teaching team for the freshman humanities class.

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Freshman humanities class takes a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art