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For some students, high school proms might break the bank

Dana Rosengrant, Contributing Writer

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Senior prom is the last big event spent with classmates before going off to college, but each year the kids and their families spend more and more money on it.

The first cost is the ticket itself.

According to student council member Ariella Fromowitz, “The price of prom tickets all depends on how much our grade has fundraised throughout the years.”

The more that is fundraised, the less the tickets will cost.

A lot goes into the planning of junior prom since there are more personal touches needed as it takes place at the school gym. For senior prom, not as much planning is required because it takes place at an off-site venue.

Prom is a very expensive event, especially for girls. Dresses can range anywhere from $200 to $600, whereas renting a suit or tuxedo for boys is around $150.

Dress drives are available for those who cannot afford new ones. As seen on Becca’s Closet, people often donate their dresses since they are worn only once in a new condition. Dress drives are always an option for those who wish not to spend much money for a new dress.

Monroe-Woodbury senior, Riley Sikoryak, said she spent around $650 for junior prom last year for a dress, shoes, hair, and nails. The price of these things really adds up fast. Hair costs about $75 and nails about $40.

On the other hand, senior Andrew Salkin, said all he had to do was to rent a suit and get a haircut to be set for prom, all coming in under $200.

From just these two examples it shows that girls may have much more to pay for just this one evening than boys do.

Riley Sikoryak also added, “I had to start getting ready by noon, getting my hair and makeup done was very time-consuming.”

Meanwhile, Andrew said that all he had to do was get dressed and fix up his hair.

Not only do girls need more time to get ready, they also have to buy their dresses months in advance. Competition for dresses gets pretty intense and most believe no girl can have the same dress as another, so sometimes choices are slim, and the longer you wait to get a dress, the fewer options you have.

Many dresses have already been purchased for this year’s senior prom.

“I already bought my dress for senior prom, so I had more options to choose from,” said Jaquelyn Omar.

For boys, a suit is fitted with the purchase. Girls however usually need alterations to make the dress fit them completely.

Alterations may include making the dress shorter or taking out the fabric on the back. Alteration costs are not cheap, and it varies on what needs to be done.

Although there is a junior prom, the senior prom is one of the biggest events in student’s high school memory. 

“I really like getting all my friends together to take pictures and just enjoying the night with them,” said Sikoryak.

The Monroe-Woodbury senior prom takes place every spring at Anthony’s Pier 9 in New Windsor, New York. This year, the prom is on June 20.

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For some students, high school proms might break the bank