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Morning Show receives grant for new equipment

Chloe Burgos, Staff Writer

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In October, The Morning Show received a $22,000 grant to purchase equipment and improve their studio.

The Morning Show, the school’s broadcasting club, delivers daily announcements to students, and members create feature films to express their creativity.

Senior Chase Kahn, an editor for the show, said the grant provided better equipment for the members and gives them opportunities to expand everyone’s interest in film.

“The grant is great,” said senior Caitlin Sisilli. “Our old equipment was hard to work with, but now we have a new studio.”

Kahn said the club purchased new computers, a teleprompter, and better sound equipment.

Morning Show advisor Mr. Truett said that before this grant the equipment used dated to 1995.

“This grant has provided more space and we were able to more than double the size of our existing studio as well as replace essential equipment,” said Truett, who has been advising the morning show for two years.

Their new studio expansion is in the school’s lunch hallway where students can view the studio through a window.

“It gives the Good Morning America vibe to it,” said Truett.

Truett said there have been students who graduate from The Morning Show who soon go into film and video production.

On October 30, News 12 came to Monroe-Woodbury to talk to The Morning Show members about the $22,000 grant.

News 12 came because a Class of 2012 alumnus, Sean O’Halloran, pursued a career in television production and has a job as an editor and cameraman at their studio.

“He thought it would be good to bring it all back from where it began,” said Truett. “Knowing students got their start here in basic video makes it all worthwhile…with these improvements it’s easy to predict more people will continue on that path.”

Kahn agreed that the new equipment will benefit her in the future.

“The Morning Show allowed me to develop a love for film and continue my love of production,” said Kahn. 

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Morning Show receives grant for new equipment