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Movie Review – “It”: New adaptation is not clowning around

Steven Buchman, Staff Writer

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Some movies are amazing. Some are very difficult to watch because your hands are covering your eyes. Then there are those that are just so scary you scream in the theater. The movie It is all three.

This movie is based on Stephen King’s novel It. His other famous book-to-screen movies include The Dark Tower (2017), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), and The Shining (1980). Throughout all of his movies, the theme of bullying is present.

It is set in the fictional town of Derry,  Maine in 1989. The movie takes its time to develop the characters throughout an entire year. It starts off on a stormy day with Georgie Denbrough (Jackson Robert Scott) making a paper boat with his older brother Bill (Jaeden Lieberher). While Georgie is chasing the boat outside in the rain, it sails into the sewer and is lost. That’s when Pennywise the clown shows up with the boat in his hand and where the terror of the movie begins.

The movie centers on a few characters who are a part of “The Loser’s Club.”  Bill, having lost his brother, is their leader. He is joined by Richie (Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler in “Stranger Things” on Netflix), Ben (Jeremy Ray Taylor), Mike (Chosen Jacobs from “Hawaii Five-0”), Stan (Wyatt Oleff from “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1”), Eddie (Jack Dylan Grazer) and Beverly (Sophia Lillis). The group bonds because of their social standing in school, as they are constantly bullied by Henry (Nicholas Hamilton) and his gang.

Bill can’t accept the death of his brother and decides to look for Georgie. He enlists the help of his friends to search with him.  On the way, they all reveal that they are being stalked by the monster which they name It. Eventually, their friendships are strained due to the pressure from their parents, the town’s reluctance to accept what is happening, and Pennywise’s constant attempts to scare and kill them.

Bill is the main protagonist of the movie. He struggles to deal with the death of his brother, being bullied, and his stuttering problem. To help him get through the death of his brother, he becomes the leader of “The Loser’s Club.” His relationship with his fellow ‘Losers’ grows stronger as the movie progresses. The actors express their fears in different ways, which is brilliant to watch. The way these actors grow up both physically and mentally from the beginning of the movie to the end was pure genius.

The main antagonist, Pennywise, is played by Bill Skarsgård. As soon as he appears on screen, he captures the attention of the audience. He did this not just because of his makeup and costume, but through the way he portrays Pennywise. He made It become a monster. His staring, growling and drooling when he sees his prey enables the audience to witness It’s inner demon. His mere smile burned into everyone’s memory like a picture on film.  After a few moments with Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise, he sent chills down everyone’s spines as the audience realized It was truly a monster.

One scene that stuck out most was when the Loser’s Club gathers in Bill’s garage. They figured out that It is moving around the city via the sewer system. As they study the old Derry Sewer System, the projector starts to switch pictures by itself. I won’t spoil what happens next. It was, however, one of the scariest scenes in the entire movie, confirmed by the audience’s loud screams.

This was the scariest horror movie I have ever seen. You should see it, but be prepared to be frightened.


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Movie Review – “It”: New adaptation is not clowning around