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Getting to know Intramural Volleyball

Sabrina Sabet, Contributing Writer

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Monroe-Woodbury High School offers a wide variety of sports at various levels from intramural to varsity. An intramural sport gives students who don’t play the sport or have any experience an opportunity to play.

Ms. Edwards-Allen is the coach of the intramural volleyball team. Intramural volleyball is considered a time after school for students, male or female, in any grade, to learn the game of volleyball. They can practice various skills, whether or not they are experienced. It is also a good way to meet other students that they may not know and make friends.

Intramural volleyball will allow as many students to join as they please; Ms. Edwards-Allen said she has had 17 students join so far. The only games played are against other members of the team, but playing against other schools is something to think about in the future.

Whether you have experience or not in joining a sport, the team is nothing to be afraid of.

“I really just want to let students know that they can come play volleyball at any time,” said Ms. Edwards-Allen. “Don’t be afraid of your skill level as we all have a great time playing and learning the game.”

Many students are too afraid or find it difficult to participate in a school sport because they think they don’t have enough skills or experience, but that is what intramural sports were designed for. It’s a good atmosphere for people who lack experience but are interested in learning.

“I have had athletes that have played on club teams all the way to athletes who have never played before,” said Coach Edwards-Allen.

The team was created during the third quarter and will continue throughout the year. Only a parent permission form is needed and the form can be picked up in room 218 periods 3, 4, 5, and 9.

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Getting to know Intramural Volleyball