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MW’s top 25 announced differently this year

Riley Sikoryak, Contributing Writer

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Every year the top 25 of the senior class is announced, but this year the school did it a little differently. 

Principal Mr. Kravatz and all the assistant principals went to every student’s class that was in the Top 25 and delivered sealed envelopes to the students announcing their accomplishment.

The administrators congratulated the students on all of their hard work in front of their peers and they created a video that is on the school’s website.

“The video was a hit, it is a brand new thing,” said Principal Kravatz.

In a letter to each of the recipients, Mr. Kravatz wrote: “It is my hope that your experiences here at MWHS have helped you to become not only the person you are but also the person you will become.

Top 25 student Samuel Fisher said he has been striving to accomplish this since he was young.

“I always do my homework to the best of my ability and pay close attention to what my teachers are saying,” said Fischer.

With a class of 500 students, it is a big competition to be on top. The grade point averages for the top 25 range from a 97 to a 101.

“I am so proud of all of the students and impressed with the hard work they’ve put in,” said Principal Kravatz.

“It was important for me because all the work and stress I had been through in school had amounted to something tangible,” Fischer added, who is leaning towards studying at Binghamton University starting in the fall.

Cory Vogel, another student in the Top 25 said he was very surprised when he found out he was one of the top students.

“Even though it is just a number, it is important to me because it signifies my hard work over the last four years. I accomplished this through my diligence in school,” said Vogel.

Vogel will attend Bentley University where he will study finance in the fall. Vogel thanked and owes his success to his family.


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MW’s top 25 announced differently this year