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Monroe-Woodbury recognizes National Poetry Month in April

Devin Ferreira, Contributing Writer

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The month of April marks National Poetry Month, a celebration dedicated to all things poetry. Started in 1996 by the American Society of Poets, National Poetry Month aims to highlight, encourage, and share poetry nationwide.

At Monroe-Woodbury High School, the celebration of this national event can be seen in the library display case where poetry collections are prominently exhibited.

Ms. Sherman, one of the librarians, is excited to share the joy of poetry with students.

“I love poetry. National Poetry Month is the perfect way to celebrate it,” said Sherman.

Besides the display case, the library also has other ways to celebrate the month that students can take part in.

In the new “Make or Space” area, there is a section dedicated to poetry-related activities. Students can write poetry using paint chips and try out different forms like blackout poetry. The library’s website also has a newly added section dedicated to providing students with resources to read and create poetry outside of school.

On the “Poetry in My Pocket” day, the library will offer various poems for students to take and carry around with them.

Some teachers have also chosen to highlight the month in classrooms.

One teacher who has chosen to focus attention on poetry during the month is Ms. Bulla. In her opinion, poetry can be beneficial to students in many ways.

“It gives us an opportunity to draw attention to the poetry around us in our lives,” said Bulla. “Poetry is one of the most artistic and stylized ways one can express themselves through written word.”

Poetry in a modern society is more differentiated than ever, according to her. Students have an easier access to reading and sharing poetry than ever before. Social media allows students to write in new poetry forms and easily share their work.

Krista Reyes, junior, says that she connects to poetry through song lyrics and finds it to be a “versatile form of self-expression.”

Throughout National Poetry Month, students can celebrate poetry through music, books, and social media.

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Monroe-Woodbury recognizes National Poetry Month in April